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Artist: Youth Lagoon
 Album: The Year of Hibernation
  Song: Montana


Tabbed by: Dominic

Capo 2

you add a D to the G before you change chords. listen to the song.

  G                C                  G             C
You wore a hoodless sweatshirt on your bed that night 
      G                  C                   D             
With black leggings, I've never seen your face so white
       G           C
Your honesty was killing me 
       G            C             G    C         D           C
The monsters in the room were all dancing to the music all around

us  G  Em  G  Em  C

    G                            C
A door is always open if it isn't closed
    Em                           C
And a plant is said to be dead if it doesn't grow 
  G       C       Em     C
I'll grow.. I will grow x2

G  C   Em   D

          G                                         C
There's a spirit in Montana and in your chest, a soul
   Em                                D
I tried to be the middle-man between you and this 
  G                                        C                    
I couldn't move as the footsteps  closer to me from the monsters that feed
 Em                                   D                 
I swore I wouldn't bleed.. I won't bleed
   G                                             C
There's a spirit in Montana and in your chest, a note
                              Em                             D
That rings like the bells of cathedrals rung by the village scapegoat
    G                                C                           Em  D
As I walked slowly down  to my car I looked back and turned into salt

some of the words are pretty hard to hear but that is about correct. this is however seriously hard to play on guitar and sing. Good luck.