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From: TheRedBayonet


Since you all want the chords so badly I thought I'd put um up.

To start, to play with the recording you'd have to tune every string down two semitones. For my video I didn't detune. Too much work, haha.

The beginning is real simple:

Em, to Am. Just repeat it, over and over.

If you want to play the piano bridge at around the 45 second mark, the chards are:

Am, Em, F, C, Em, B7

The only tricky part of the song is the ending (and I assume the only thing you all have been having trouble finding on the interweb?).

G G B7 Em Em C

And then you just repeat that until the end of the song and end on a G.

Smack the whole chord for G and Em, and then slide up (create a slide sound anyway you like, I just wrote how I do it)to the riff.

So yeah, if that's hard to understand, write me a comment or IM or something. I do still plan an instructional vid, but my camera is still broken, and I'm a busy guy, but here's hoping I get something up in a month or two...


Me playing two sections from Modern World one of the best songs ever).

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