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Artist: White Denim
  Song: Street Joy


Tabbed by: Djii

* CHORDS:                    *
* Bm [799777]                *
* A [577655]                 *
* G [355433]                 *


Bm 	A	 G
I don't mind the sound
A	G      A       G
Of your voice, of your voice

Bm 	 A	          G
When you use it like your gun
A	G    A         G
So much fun, fire your gun

Bm 	 A	                G
Casual as you are, gets hard to say
A	G    A                  G
I won't say, 'less you're going away


He strings himself on up to your front door
You've been a wall of ideas about the rich and the poor
We could start home talking
Make your focus break
When you're left to yourself
You throw it out anyway

I don't differentiate
We from they, we from they
Feel my appetite
Why is life sleepless night?

Lean my head against an angry moon
Always room, angry moon

In and out of a metal chair
In an unknown apartment where
I can build myself up
Before I make the scare
String myself up onto your front door

Street joy
You adore