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Artist: Voxtrot
  Song: The Warmest Part of the Winter


Tabbed by: Jimbob (jimbobriley@gmail.com)

G, C-G, C,Bm,Am
G, D, Am, C

G                    C          G
Come inside, you are hungry for sleep
            C       Bm          Am
You are the warmest part of the winter
           G                D                 Am            C
When I was young and made a plan that I would never break myself

Lift the shade and let some light in the room
We don't see the sun anymore
I've been told I gave my soul to live the days for someone else

- Bridge -
        Em                     G
Are you awake to find you have died?
        Bm                      G
Are you awake to find it's gone outta you?
        Em                        C
Are you awake to find you are all covered in dark
With nothing ready to start
      B (let ring)
Or to see though

- Chorus -
I had a name
I let it leave me
        G                  D
I had a plan to settle you in
I am a man
I am uneasy
               G                 D
Come out, come on, and let me go in

Done and done, you caught the scent of a man
You can never get back to nature
When you are down son, dirty dreamer, keep you up all through the dawn

Turn your head, remember this is free love
You are free to bury the body
That tears you down and sets you free and touches you from right to wrong

 - Repeat Bridge and Chorus -
 - Instrumental Verse -

Tell me you love me, but don't say it with words
I wanna feel your body around me
When twenty years of push and pull have left you searching for a name

But maybe I, have come here to die
To watch the life go out of my body
Take a-part the ugly days and you will never see the same

- Repeat Chorus -

- Outro -
Em, Em7, C5, B5