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Artist: Voxtrot
 Album: Raised By Wolves EP
  Song: Missing Pieces

Tabbed by: Jimbob (jimbobriley@gmail.com)

- Verse -
Bm                          G
I would go to pieces if you said that
                        Bm                                G
This was just an act to come and take the sleep out of my night
And I would go to pieces if you said that
This was just an act to come and take the shine out of my light

- Bridge -
Oh and I go
Through it all
It's a thing like habit
I know

-- (Extra verse and bridge from alternate version) --
I would be a fighter for a tiny piece of a tiny feeling
Give it up to wonder what it's worth
And I would feel much bigger with the little joy that you get from stealing
I never really wonder what it's worth

Oh and I am
Dead and gone
Oh you will feel much older
I know

- Chorus -
D                 Em          G                     A
I would feel much better if I thought there was any other reason
   D              Em             G         A
To keep away the beauty from the dirt
    D               Em          G                    A
And I would do much better if I thought I'd feel any other need
       D       Em G   A
Than I miss you oh
And I miss you oh

- Verse -
I would be complete if you could put me down in facts and figures
The hardest things are always black and white
And I would be complete if you could touch me once but it never figures
The easy things are never really right

- Bridge -
Oh and I go
Day by day
It's a thing to live for
I know

- Repeat Chorus -
- Drum breakdown -

Bm, G

Why don't you take a walk outside
And see the mess I've made, see the mess I've made
And I will be waiting with a knife
Just like an angry child, just like an angry child
And why don't you go and spread the word
Just like some disease, just like some disease
I know your mother told you that you were God
But you were just a boy

D, Em, G, A (x6)

- Repeat Chorus x 2 -

And I miss you and I miss you
Bm. F#m, G

#----------------------------PLEASE NOTE-----------------------------#
# This represents the author's own work and interpretation of the    #
# song. To be used only for private study, scholarship, or research. #

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