Four Long Days Tab

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Artist: Voxtrot
 Album: Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives
  Song: Four Long Days

Tabbed by: Jimbob (

- You can probably transpose the chords to play it easier with -
- a capo on the first fret, but I don't have a capo so this -
- is what you get... -

- Intro (G# Riff) -


- Verse -
G# (riff)
Lights are fading, the feeling is back
This is the closest thing to disaster
Keep on fading, Snow White into black
            Ebm                   Bbm
The kind of thing you laugh about after

- Bridge -
            C#                  G#
And we were stuck, stacking the misery
          C#               Fm
Four long days, in an ugly town
       C#      C#m           G#
And we pretend to know about misery
          F#                        Fm
And never felt the cold sun beating down
             G# (riff)
But you will soon

- Instrumental Break with G# riff -

- Verse -
Watching TV, and flirting with fate
He drank my cold soul under the table
Fame and fever, to risk and to lay
You shouldn't cry you're willing and able

- Bridge -
I have locked, in a great image here
Avoiding the cop, in an ugly stare
It's staring back, it's what you bargained for
You never felt the cold sun beating down

- Middle 8 -
But you will soon
You had this family to support
                                    Ebm            Bbm
One house and three young children, biting at your hands
I don't pretend to understand
                            Bbm         Eb  
But listen, listen, listen, I, I, I, I, I
                      G#   Eb      Fm
Have never liked that look in your eyes
    Bbm         Eb
And I, I, I, I, I
                              G#      Eb      Fm
Am still screaming, shouting "please, please, forgive me
for what I've done"
What have I done?
Why is this taking, so long?

- Outro -
G#            Bbm
The leather's cold but
    Cm        C# 
The engine is warm
           G#      Bbm          Cm          C#
I think of home, I think of the sweet life
G#          Bbm           Cm          C#
Of sweating sunshine, and sandals and shorts
            Ebm                       Bbm
We have the Field Mice playing on the hi-fi

       C#                G#
We got bored, in our own living room
          C#                 Fm
So we got stuck with an ugly face
                C#    C#m           G#
That kills your days, and makes you forget a lot
             F#                       Fm                     C#
And then you feel the hot sun beating down, and you start to cry

#----------------------------PLEASE NOTE-----------------------------#
# This represents the author's own work and interpretation of the    #
# song. To be used only for private study, scholarship, or research. #

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