The Spell You're Under Tab

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Artist: Versus
 Album: Hurrah
  Song: The Spell You're Under

Tabbed by:

Capo 2

Cadd9     x32030
G5add14   3x0032
Em7       022030

Em   C   G   3x
Am   D

Em    C                  G
  You canít believe itís over
Em  C                  G
  Because you never began
Em   C                      G
  To break the spell youíre under
Am               D
  From the magic man

Em   C                 G
  He dressed you up in sequins
Em    C               G
  And spun you like a top
Em    C               G
  You didnít mind the feeling of being sawn in half
Am                     D
  But then he broke it off
Am               D
  A disappearing act
C D        G5add14     C   D
  Donít go back

(same as above)
You were collapsing
In the house of cards
Just like a rabbit pulled out of a hat
Youíd come running back
Cuz you were falling apart

Now donít go back

G   D   Em7   Cadd9    D   2x

G               D
  Come out of the shadows
Em7                 Cadd9   D
   Youíre beginning to snap out of it
G                   D
  I donít mind your scars
Em7                  Cadd9   D
   Iíll take you the way you are
G                    D
  Donít jump out the window
Em7              Cadd9 D
   Donít need to run away from it
G                  D
  Yes Iíll be your ending
Em7                  Cadd9   D
   Iíll take you the way you are

G             D
  So donít go back
Em7            Cadd9   D
   So donít go back
G             D
  No donít go back
   Donít go back
Cadd9   D
Em7     D
Cadd9   D   G

#----------------------------PLEASE NOTE-----------------------------#
# This represents the author's own work and interpretation of the    #
# song. To be used only for private study, scholarship, or research. #

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