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Artist: The Wheat Pool
 Album: Hauntario
  Song: Lefty

Tabbed by: William Still

Not too sure about the lyrics in some places and not too sure about the breaks. 
Would love your corrections and feedback at william(dot)still (at) mindspring(dot) com.

(Intro – picking on D, then D A G x 2)

     D	       A  	G
Your father 
	    D	A	G
went off to war
		D      A	    G
And your little sister won't be the same 
 		 D	A	G
as the kids next door
	     D		A G
So goodbye Toronto, 
	       D	A G
so long Ontario
	D	    A     G			
Maybe tomorrow when we go west to start a new home
D	A     G	             D	 A
                      On our own
G             D	   A	G
       On our own

	   D	A	G
And Old Lefty, 	
		        D	A	G
he never made it too far
    D          A      G		            D	
His oldest, he nearly died in an [?] parked car
A	G	   D
           And I'm sorry, 
A	G	    D
           I didn't show
A	G	       D
            I'm not an asshole
    A	    G		  D	A	G
I'm just no good at funerals
	  D	     A             G
So, I'm sorry (I sit here drinking beer out on the lawn)
       D	     A                 G
You're leaving 
            watching storms build over south Saskatchewan)
     D	             A             G
That story ([?]leave everything we used to love and know)
	  D	                 A	               G
Is worth believin' (to make some fresh tracks on the road to [?])

[Guitar Solo – mix A and G chords in]

         D   A G		    D	  A G
Five children 	and some background noise
     D               A       G		      D	
Your brothers, they look the same as your two boys
      D	     A G		D	A G
Those ashes,     they're in the ground
    D	     A G    	      D	   A G	
We left them 	in a Manitoba town
       D	          A    	            G
I’m    sorry (don't you   tell me that I'll never be alone)
I didn’t show (don't you  tell me that I'll never be alone)
That   story (so don't youtell me that I'll never be alone) is 
worth believin’ (don't youtell me)

[Guitar solo – mix A and G chords in to finish]

This is a great song by a great band!  Don't let my feeble attempt dissuade you from checking them out.
#----------------------------PLEASE NOTE-----------------------------#
# This represents the author's own work and interpretation of the    #
# song. To be used only for private study, scholarship, or research. #

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