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From: ShinerNL

Join@ and - I really think I got the chords almost spot on. It took me a while to figure out and thanks to some tutorials on YT, which got me started, I tried to listen very carefully to the original and think it's really really close. This take was't perfect ; slightly bad tuned guitar and a bad slip up near the end of the song ; but hey not everyone's perfect :-/ I just kept on reason to stop when I'm in a song ;-) Also have some difficulties singing this one ( can't sing really high...wish I could, so have to go low ). Also a note ; I just learned the chords yesterday and had to read the lyrics from my computermonitor. And while this is a pretty difficult song to play on the guitar, it's quite a disadvantage when you can't look at your guitar to see what you're playing, so I guess I did pretty well lol Cheers and thanks for listening/watching. Hope you like it and leave your comment. Please take a look at my other video's ( originals ) too :-) 'Burden Of Tomorrow' Note : this is a cover. All music/lyrics © The Tallest Man On Earth

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