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Artist: The Senate
 Album: Live at Solstice
  Song: Space Shanty

Tabbed by: Steve H

Song: Space Shanty
Album: Live at Solstice
Band: The Senate
Band Website:

Song Order:
Verse 1
Verse 2
Verse 3

Key: F major
Time: 6/8 (6 beats per measure)

Misc. Jargon: 
Assume a chord holds for a measure / bar. 
" ~ " means repeat a chord
"A-B" means play chord A for a half-measure, and then B for a half-measure.
"NC" means no chord
"(A)" means that the A chord has already been written--I'm just including it a second time. (Only play it for one bar).

F ~ ~ C(4 hits on C)-NC

Verse 1: 

       F                         ~
Oh the whiskey is floating won't stay in me glass.

    C                           C-           F
I'm weightless and spinning and drunk off me ass.

       F                         ~
Oh the whiskey is floating in a sphere o'er me head.

      C                               Bb-       F
If we don't clear this porthole we'll surely be dead.


    F                           F-            Bb
Oh, reach for the whiskey boys, reach for the stars.

     F                         C
They won't stop us drinkin' on Venus or Mars,

   F                           F-            Bb (hold)
so reach for the whiskey boys, reach for the sky.

        NC                        NC-         F
For the vacuum of space sucks the bottles all dry.

Post-Chorus: (F) ~

Verse 2:
Oh infinite booty awaits us in space.
We'll pillage and plunder with fervor and grace.
That's what my astronomical unit is for.
Let's party where no one has partied before.

(From chorus)
(F) F-C
  Dm                    ~
A-lone in the cockpit I look at the stars.

  Dm                       C     C (slow)
I drink, and I think of my home. (And he thinks of his home) (My home...)

Verse 3:
Our thrusters are the hottest that you've every felt.
They might just unbuckle your asteroid belt.
We're honing our moonwalking skills as we speak.
We'll dance on Uranus by this time next week.

#----------------------------PLEASE NOTE-----------------------------#
# This represents the author's own work and interpretation of the    #
# song. To be used only for private study, scholarship, or research. #

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