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Bide Your Time (Ver 2) Tab

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Artist: The Judes
  Song: Bide Your Time (Ver 2)

Tabbed by: klang

Intro - G, D, Em, Em7  x2

G           D                Em  E7
Bide your time, take it easy

G                   D                   Em  E7
Take what you need while you can

G                D                            Em  Em7
Tell her your feelings because she's leaving

G                     D               Em   Em7
Don't spend your life a lonely man

G  D  Em  Em7

G             D               Em   Em7
I'm looking forward to a heartache

G           D                 Em  E7
At least I know I'm still alive

G               D                  Em  Em7
Why are my pictures all so empty

G             D                         Em  Em7
And all my memories black and white

C  D   Em                  C
Oh, it came without a warning

C  D          G
Oh, I didn't see

C  D  Em                  C  
Oh,    look at me this morning

C  D                G
Oh, just look at me

Verse 2:

Down the road and walking backwards
Growing older with the trees
Through the rain I'm only thinking on
An empty pathway with wasted dreams


Oh, it came without a warning
Oh, I didn't see
Oh, look at me this morning
Oh, just look at me
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# song. To be used only for private study, scholarship, or research. #

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