Colfax Avenue Tab

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Artist: The Delines
 Album: Colfax
  Song: Colfax Avenue

Tabbed by: Jimbob

Not sure entirely about the D7/B chord and the Am7 in the chorus when playing against the record,
but sounds fine when I play it solo acoustic...

D7/B - 2x0212
Am7  - x02010

C                Bb
/ I got woken up / Late last night
Am                   G
/ By a friend of his...
C                             Bb
/ Said he left the lion's lair / With a bloody head
Am                              G
/ And he could hardly walk, and disappeared

Bm                    C
/ My husband's asleep / My kids are in bed
/ I leave a note, and start driving...

       C                  Am7
Up and down (up and down)
          G      F
Colfax Avenue /

/ I check all the alleys / and the liquor stores
/ And the bars they still / let him in to
/ He wasn't like this before he left / now he comes back and his mind's a wreck
/ And the army / what do they do?

/ My husband's worn out / My kids are scared
/ But he's my little brother, and he's out there...

Somewhere (up and down)
Colfax Avenue /
Up and down (up and down)
Colfax Avenue

Middle 8:
F                  Em        F            G       Em
/ The nights can be so long / and it's so cold outside
F  .                 Em
/  / He's just a kid / That's seen too much
Dm                 Em  F  G
/ He's just a kid /   /

Up and down (up and down)
Colfax Avenue
Up and down (up and down)
Colfax Avenue

Repeat chorus chords to end
#----------------------------PLEASE NOTE-----------------------------#
# This represents the author's own work and interpretation of the    #
# song. To be used only for private study, scholarship, or research. #

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