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Artist: Tarkio
 Album: Omnibus
  Song: Never Will Marry


Tabbed by: Michael Hutchinson

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Intro E

Hold out the E, start singing the first line, then go to the B 
The rest is exactly the same.

One morning I rambled
     E             A
down by the sea shore,
and the wind it did whistle,
          B             E
and the waves they did roar.
I heard some fair maiden
          E       A
give a terrible cry,
and it sounded so lonely,
          B         E
and it swept up so high.
Said William to Molly,
      E          A
“if you will agree
to give your consent, love,
     B      E
and marry me.
For my mind is to marry
     E         A
and never to part.
For the first time I saw you,
        B            E
you wounded my heart.”

“Go away from me William
and leave me alone,
‘cause I’m just a poor girl
and a long way from home.
No, I never will marry
nor be no man’s wife.
I’m content to live single
all the days of my life.”

“The shoal in the ocean
will be my death bed,
with the fish in deep water
swimmin’ over my head.”
She cast her fair body
in the water so deep
and she closed her bonny-blue eyes,
forever to sleep.