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Artist: Tarkio
 Album: Omnibus
  Song: Sister Nebraska


Tabbed by: Mike K (mikekrieger@gmail.com) from http://www.decemberists.com/orate

Intro: Bm C G Bm C G Bm C G C G D G

Bm     C            G
In the midst of the explosion coming down
Bm      C                G
You sit barefoot on your porch
Bm          C             G             C
And all the time you said we'd be sorry now
            G        D          G
But I'm not sorry now, I'm not sorry now

You were 'bout the cornfields passing by
Out the window of the bus
And all the times you swore that you'd get back there somehow
But that's just talkin 'loud, never thought I'd be here now

C                    G
So hey there, Sister Nebraska
C                     D
Sitting there sweetly pigeontoed
            G   Em     C
It's been a long, cold winter
D              G     C   G
Now I'm coming home

As above:
California is just a memory left behind
Colorado, come and gone
The setting sun paints the rearview mirror red
As we started heading south - could be any day now

The mountains fold away and leave us on the plain
As we relax into the ride
And all those unpaid bills, well I left them all behind
'Cos I'm not turning back, all my bags are packed

Repeat Chorus

This is gone and we've returned to what we left
Turned the pictures, packed away
And I will call you up and say, "Ain't this life a riot?"
And you will understand

Repeat Chorus