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Artist: Tarkio
 Album: Omnibus
  Song: Neapolitan Bridesmaid


Tab author: Mike K (mikekrieger@gmail.com) from http://www.decemberists.com/orate

Use this G shape for the rest of the song (a G6, if you hit the high E too)

G        D           G         D
Joshua smiled, said ďlisten to reason,
G          D           Em         C
donít blame me when the walls come tumbling
G     C   G   C   G   C   G

So I was adrift on the sea of longing
awaiting the trumpets to raise your ivory
       Em  C  C    D    G 
And if on  ly time will tell
Then I canít stand waiting
          C                      Em
While the lights are changing on me
C             C   D    G
Tell it to my own free will
     Bm                      Em
If I lost this thorn from my side
           D   (bass descends C, B, A)
I think Iíd die.

Repeat Intro

Albert Camus said, ďliving is anguish,Ē
but donít dare let those bastards carry you

And if this is so then I see no reason
for spending the evening doing anything but going down

And if only time will tell
then I canít stand waiting
while the lights are changing on me.
Tell it to my own free will
If I lost this thorn from my side
Iíd probably die.
Most likely die
I think Iíd die.