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Artist: Tarkio
 Album: Omnibus
  Song: Keeping Me Awake


Tab author: Mike K (mikekrieger@gmail.com) from http://www.decemberists.com/orate

(I recommend a capo on the 2nd fret, but the chords below are the capo-less 

chords - if you put a capo on the second, just move everything down 1 step, 

so the E becomes a D, the A a G, etc).


E         Emaj7         A
Summer it came, like a light across the highlands

E      Emaj7    A
And we laid it down

E          Emaj7          A
You wore a dress made of light from the islands

E            Emaj7        A
And we send postcards home

In dying light, this was not to be forgotten
As we are chosen few
Into the sea, with a touch as soft as cotton
Beneath this angel moon

F#m                  B
It's been keeping me awake

E            Emaj7               A
Leaving this behind was my first mistake

F#m              B
And I'm not so strong

      E            Emaj7      A
To be satisfied by all the things I've done

F#m                     B
Or the things I threw away...

You wrote your name as we lay among the heather
Of what you left behind
Following past, that would lead us both together
And let us lose our minds

Repeat Chorus

Summer it fell, and it coursed across the highlands
And so quickly gone
Your faded dress [well] is not tied away and silent
And as the nights lay low

Repeat Chorus