Mess Of Me Tab

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Artist: Tarkio
 Album: Omnibus
  Song: Mess Of Me

Tab author: "EvilTwin" from

Intro: E Esus4 E

           E               G#
Take it down while you lie
           A              Am
it's been so long since I saw you there
    E         G#             C#m
and I will no longer be your whipping boy
it's taking me a long time
and it's taking me a long time


And you should know how the heart
is made of the sum of the lover's parts
but me, I cannot allow this thing to disappear
or lose it in the sunshine
or lose it in the sunlight

                 E              C#m
And I came to tell you (Ah........)
          A                  B
what I told you now you know
                 E            C#m
this precious burden (Ah........)
          A                B
on our shoulders let it go
              E                    E7
and it took a long time (it took a long time)
         A                   Am                 E
you were picking up what you should have left behind
           F#7             A
and that's bound to make a mess o'me
E Esus4 E

Solo: E G# A Am E G# C#m F#7 A

So would you call or would you write
can't be harder than it is tonight
and I'm staring blankly at this paper moon
shining at the slack jaw
and it's shining at the slack jaw

So send for me to your side
there's no stronger love than a love denied
and I wear my heart upon my tennis shoes
the laces always untied
and I'm standing on the upside


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# This represents the author's own work and interpretation of the    #
# song. To be used only for private study, scholarship, or research. #

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