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Artist: Swan Lake
 Album: Beast Moans
  Song: Venue Called Rubella

A                        E                B
Cling to the sum of your parts for a man

A                      E              B
Is never what he does, never what he tries...

    A                                  E                     B
Now baby come back come back cause you know I didn't mean it

       A                          E                        B
When I mentioned the hollowed-out galaxies inhabiting your eyes...

           A  E  B
your eyes...

A  E  B  (repeat)

A                    E             B
  Shit, where do you come from?

A        E                   B
          And where have you gone?

A                      E              B
Do the furies document your progress

A                    E                B                        
Before the foregone conclusion of the sun...
(or was I dreaming this?)

A  E  B  (repeat)

A                             E                  B
Everything was going fine and smooth as planned...

    A                   E                      B
The tankards sat contentedly understanding of what they held within.

      A                  E                       B
Then terror struck when we realized what was at hand,

   A                  E                         B
As you and your Union St. ingenues came rolling in!

A  E  B (repeat)

A            E                 B
Just another capacity crowd lost at sea

             A            E                 B
Just another dense azure template to surf upon

             A                  E                        B
They should play it loud, the disgusted jam band rocks, I agree...

A  E  B

                 A     E    B
A venue called Rubella... (repeat)
#----------------------------PLEASE NOTE-----------------------------#
# This represents the author's own work and interpretation of the    #
# song. To be used only for private study, scholarship, or research. #

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