Sufjan Stevens - The Upper Peninsula (Intro/Solo and Chords) Video

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From: rockdezdizzy

For some reason this morning I became neurotically obsessed with transcribing an entire Sufjan album. I already learned a bunch of songs off different albums but this was one song I didn't already know and when I couldn't fall asleep last night I decided that was the right time to figure it out. After spending an entire morning making videos for the bass and guitar to show my friends so we could jam out on this the next time we got together - I figured I might as well put it out there for sharing on the interwebs. This is the album version (he plays this live in different keys, mostly a half or whole step higher). My fingers are tired...I've been playing a lot of music sorry i it's not cleaner Capo 3rd Fret *Verse: Em Bm CD *I heard him play a solo acoustic version and that's the way I play the chords in the video Maybe I'll get to tabbing the intro/solo eventually

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