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From: amw294

A vid on how to play Caring is Creepy, probably my favourite Shins song. Enjoy. Tab is below. The Shins - Caring is Creepy The main bit Bm, A, G, Em, D/Dsus4, A/Asus4, G E|--7--5--3--0--2/3--0----2--2---| B|--7--5--3--0--3----2/3--2--2---| G|--7--6--4--0--2----2----0--0---| D|--9--7--5--2--0----2----0--0---| A|--9--7--5--2--0----0----2--2---| E|--7--5--3--0-------------3--2h3-| (I missed this last bit out of the vid but basically you do this at the end of each section) The other main bit Em, D/Dsus4, Em, D/Dsus4, Em, D/Dsus2, A, G (I have not tabbed it as it is the end of the first section above) Break E|---------------------------------| B|----0—repeat after each bass note--| G|----0------------------------------| D|---------------------------------| A|--2---0----------------------------| E|---------3--2--0--2--3-------------| E|--0--0--2--------------------| B|--0--0--3--3-s-5-s-7-------| G|--0--0--2--2-s-4-s-6-------| D|--0--0--0--------------------| A|--2--0--0--------------------| E|--3--2-----------------------| That's it. I haven't bothered with the 'chugging' bit but the chords are Em, D, A, G.

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