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Artist: The Shins
  Song: My Seventh Rib

(Thanks to Shawn for tabbing this.)

    G riff     A riff


Verse 1

G riff
your silver tounge laughs at the clowns of our age
A riff                                           
a slow production line of cheap shots from 
G riff
both sides shot from the hip 
A riff
to my seventh rib a spoiled tomato lies in all that you 
D                 C             G
say and I was the last of us to know

D-C C-Bb (slide)

G riff
sound the alarm for my 
A riff
sentimental ways have come in view we've all got our own
G riff
knives sold to the worst of devils we 
A riff
know our mind and tight skin will soon be 
D                   C               G
old but this wasn't meant for us to know

D-C C-Bb 

G riff slide to Bb three times
G riff 
Youths open shutters give way to another taken by sleight of 
A         G                      C
hand, and every american has the mouth of a pelican
A         G          E        G             D
now can I share that pillow            with you love?
G riff 
they've got us in fits to find a way 
A riff 
out of this, exploded view of a life once so 
G riff
simple first with the curse and my senti-
A riff                     C   C        C#  D
mental ways are drawing my innocence to a   close
                  C              G           
but these weren't mean for me to know

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# This represents the author's own work and interpretation of the    #
# song. To be used only for private study, scholarship, or research. #

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