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Artist: The Shins
 Album: Oh, Inverted World
  Song: Weird Divide


Tabbed by: Jonathan Danilovich

B              D
Several days a month you made
the mile to my house, 
    G   F  E  D C      B | B | B | B A |
And had me do a stroll with you.
B           D
Far below a furry moon
our purposes crossed
    G     F E
The weird divide 
D  C       B | B | B | B A |
between our kinds 

B | B | B | B A | B | B | B | B A | Abm | Abm | Abm | Abm A B |

B                    D
The silver leaves of ailing trees 
     A                    G  F    E
took flights as we passed so long ago
      D     C    B | B | B | B A |
but a short time I know.
   B               D
It pleases me this memory 
has swollen up with age,
     G    F   E
Even time can do 
D    C       B | B | B | B A |
good things to you.

B | B | B | B A | B | B | B | B A | Abm | Abm | Abm | D Db | B