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Artist: The Shins
 Album: Wincing The Night Away
  Song: Turn On Me


Tabbed by: justin@indieguitartabs.com, warren ponder


  C                             G
D|---2h3-------2h3-2-----2-------------0------------| x2
You can fake it for a while
Bite your tongue and smile
           (Am)           G
Like every mother does an ugly child
But the stars are leaking out
Like spittle from a cloud
          (Am)              G
Amassed resentment counting ounce and pound
You're entertaining any doubt
                   C               G
Because you had to know that I was fond of you
C          F
Fond of Y-O-U
                   C          G
Though I knew your mask of disdain
(C           F )
(La la la la la)
                C                  G
I can see that change was just too hard for us
C        F
Hard for us
           C               G
You always had to hold the reigns, but where I'm headed
    Dm                  G
you just don't know the way
So affections fade away
And do adults just learn to play
         (Am)          G
The most ridiculous, repulsive games
On the faith of ruddy sons
And the double-barreled guns
You better hurry
Rabbit, run, run, run
'Cause meeting you was fun
                            (Am)       G
And there's a lot of hungry howlers in this one cell
We're taking it over
The brittle thorny stems
They break before they bend
            (Am)         G
And neither one of us is one of them

And the tails will never mend,
                 C            G
Cause you had it in for me so long ago
C            F
Boy, I still don't know,
             C               G
I don't know why and I don't care,
          C          F
You don't hide me anymore,
                  C             G
And you've always seen yourself hating me.
C      F
Hating me,
               C                 G
When I've been so much more than fair
                    Dm                 G
But then you had to lay those feelings bare
    Dm                         G
One thing I know still got you scared
You're all that cold iron
    Am         C            G
And never once aired of our dead

(verse chords x2)

F          C               G
You had to know that I was fond of you
C          F
Fond of Y-O-U
               C           G
So I took your lips at the time
C           F
La la la la la
                   C               G
And to change like that is just so hard to do
C       F
Hard to do
             C               G
Don't let it whip-crack your life
          Dm         G
And bow out from the fight
      Dm                        G
Cause oh, how your sisters will write
The worst part is over
     Am          C              G
Now, get back on that horse and ride