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Artist: The Shins
 Album: Wincing The Night Away
  Song: Girl Sailor


Tabbed by: justin@indieguitartabs.com

A                 E
the gutter may profess its love
A                   C#m    D
then follow it with hesitation
A                     C#m
but there are just so many eyes
E                     D E
you have different

A                     E
a stronger girl would brush this off in flight
A            C#m                  D
never giving more than a frowning hour
A                               C#m
but you have let your heart decide
E                      D E
loss has conquered you

D       E                D
you've won one too many fights
        E                 D
wearing many hats every time
        E                  A      D E
but you won't win here tonight

A                       E
you made it through the direst of straits all right
A                        C#m                   D
can you help it if plain love now seems less interesting
A                      C#m
you haven't changed an ounce in my eyes
      E                   D E
and I cannot lecture you

A               E
does anything I say seem relevant at all
A                  C#m                       D
you've been at the helm since you were just 5ive
A              C#m                      E       D E
and I cannot claim to be more than a passenger

D           E            D
well you won one too many fights
         E                          D
wearin' all of your clothes at the same time
 E                         F#m 
do you want an end tonight
G                       D
oh girl, sail and don't sink her
    riff( E  D  C#m  Bm)
this time...
    riff( E  D  C#m  Bm)  A
this time...



         G                F#m
Just a moment or two from now,
      G                     F#m
Not a mind will retain even a trace,
       G                            Bm7
Of the thoughts that I struggled to tell
  E                             A
And how our stack of cards just fell,

A                    E
So settle this once and for all,
A                             C#m              D
The light no longer shows the cracks around my door,
A             C#m                       E             D E
And I have no lantern to light your way home tonight,

D       E                    D
You are not some saint who's above,
       E                           D
Giving someone a stroll through the flowers,
E                                F#m
You've got so much more to dream of,
    G                    D
Oh girl, sail her, don't sink her,
    riff( E  D  C#m  Bm)
this time...
    riff( E  D  C#m  Bm)
this time...
    riff( E  D  C#m  Bm)  A
this time...