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Artist: Say Hi
 Album: The Wishes And The Glitch
  Song: Magic Beans And Truth Machines


Tabbed by: justin@indieguitartabs.com

C5:  x350xx
G/D: x5540x
Em:  x750xx (verse)
Em:  022000 (chorus)

C5  G/D (x3)
Em  G/D

C5                    G/D
These magic beans are useless.
C5                     G/D
I got them because she said they'd work like a
C5                            G/D
charm. But she's gone and all I've got
    Em                   G/D            C5
are these, and they just remind me of her.

C5                  G/D
This truth serum is faulty.
C5                   G/D
I got it because she said I needed
C5                   G/D
to get some things of my chest.
    Em                          G/D            C5
But there are machines that can do this way better.

C5          G
So, please, please,
        D                         Cadd9
someone come and take it away from me.
        G                D
Please, please, it's all yours.
Cadd9           G
        Please, please,
       D                          Cadd9
if you want it you can have it cheap.
            G                D
And please, please, it's all yours.
It's all yours.