Rock of the Lake Tab

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Artist: Radar Bros.
 Album: And the Surrounding Mountains
  Song: Rock of the Lake

Tabbed by: JST


riff 1	

G|----------------------2------------------| [x5]

riff 2	

E|------3--5-3------------------|	[Guitar 2/kybrd/other instruments play]
B|-5-3-5-5----5-6--5--3--1-0----|	[riff 2 under 4th & 5th riff 1 repeats]

v1	 C	    D		 Am	     C		 F	F
        Rock of the lake you are shallow and head like a moon
 	C	      D		      Am	    C	       F	F
 	But give us a day's work, and we will grant passage to you
 	Em	     F	       C
 	Then you'll awake in a room,
 	Em	       F	    Am		C	      F
 	Light from the pictures you burn will reflect in your shoes

v2a	C	       D	      Am	 C		 F	F
	Strong words escape from your pillow and out through the room.
	C	     D		    Am	     C		  F	  F
	These are the words we will follow, obey, or fall through.

brk 1	riff 1 [play over ->]  C  D  Am  C  F  F

v2b	Em	   F	       C
	Out on the lake of all truth,
	Em	    F		 Am	     C	         F	  F
	rise to the surface, you hunter, you killer, you fool.

brk 2	[riff follows melody of v2b, play over ->] Em F C  Em F Am C F F

v3a	C	   D		  Am	   C		 F	 F
	Out in the lake there are children drowning with you
	C	    D		 Am	C	   F	   F
	Thus is the case when we follow your every move

brk 3	riff 1 [play over ->]  C  D  Am  C  F  F

v3b	C	     D		   Am	    C		  F	  F
	   Just keep moving on the hi-i-igh waters coming on.
	C	   D		   Am	    C	  F	  F
	   In this water they will c-a-arry me to you.

riff 1
B|-0-1--0-1--0-1/3--0-1----6--5--8-56-/3-1*-|	*strum C chord to end

#----------------------------PLEASE NOTE-----------------------------#
# This represents the author's own work and interpretation of the    #
# song. To be used only for private study, scholarship, or research. #

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