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Artist: Radar Bros.
 Album: The Singing Hatchet
  Song: You've Been Hired


Tabbed by: justin@indieguitartabs.com

G                           C
You've been hired for their dirty work
I can see it in your eyes
   C                (C7)
So long for now

E                C 
I will always be true to you
      Am                            C      (C7)
For a while you'll have to kill for food

G                         C
Turn off all your sensors most of all
       Am                           C             (C7)
and relinquish your control, you're dead for now

E                                  C
By the rocks we throw, you will be clear to hear
        Am                C              (C7)   
all the things...we'll be calling you

E                  C
By the time you're here
            Am        C     (C7)
All will be gone

All these changes
And bad statements (?)
they must make you
kind of nervous