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Artist: Radar Bros.
 Album: The Singing Hatchet
  Song: Shifty Lies


Tabbed by: justin@indieguitartabs.com

D7sus4: xx0213

Intro: G

G     C
In between
G                    C
the chivalry of the armor clad
G                  C   D7 D7sus4  D7
lies a focus in ???

G              C
    Now you're singin'
G                      C
It takes too long to remind of your hearts
you're way behind the county line
C                                      D7    D7sus4  
you must have fallen off somewhere sometime
D7               D7sus4
now you're here deliverin' your

   G               C
   shifty lies and sensless visions
   G               C
   overflowed like frozen rivers
   stand in line and watch the time
   you're cattled up and weeks behind
   C                                                    G
   how long, how long, until we reach the bottom of the lake

G          C
then we'll see
G           C
murky water visions
G             C      D7  D7sus4
misleading us again 
there you walk deliverin' your

(chorus) repeat