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For You (Alternate) Tab

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Artist: Plus Minus
 Album: Thrown Into The Fire
  Song: For You (Alternate)

Tabbed by: mojicabrian@hotmail.com

Am       x02210
Am7      x02010
C/G      332010
Emaddb13 022010
Em       022000
FM7      x33210
FM7sus2  x33010
G6sus4   330010

***Capo 4***

VERSE 1:  
Am   Am7          C/G  G6sus4
  Sunlight in the hall
FM7     FM7sus2   C/G           Emaddb13    Em
Slips between the cracks in the floorboards
Am      Am7          C/G  G6sus4
  Where Iíve settled in
FM7    FM7sus2      C/G        Emaddb13 Em          FM7
Buried deep in your torrent of memories    flooding in

Am   Am7          C/G  G6sus4
  So now you give up
FM7       FM7sus2   C/G          Emaddb13 Em
Watch you sink into some great oblivion
Am   Am7          C/G   G6sus4
  No hands on the wheel
FM7       FM7sus2     C/G       Emaddb13 Em        FM7
   Lights off and the static of a.m.        coming in

FM7    FM7sus2       C/G  G6sus4
   You donít want to be
FM7    C/G         Emaddb13 Em
   Somewhere in between
FM7             C/G Emaddb13 Am   G    FM7
   Before you begin to       fall into
FM7  FM7sus2                    C/G
             Some silly suicide play
Emaddb13             Em
        Throwing all of it away

Am  Am7  C/G  G6sus4
FM7  FM7sus2  C/G  Emaddb13  Em


    C/G Emaddb13 Am   G    FM7
For you....

End with FM7
#----------------------------PLEASE NOTE-----------------------------#
# This represents the author's own work and interpretation of the    #
# song. To be used only for private study, scholarship, or research. #

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