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Artist: Pernice Brothers
 Album: Overcome By Happiness
  Song: Shoes and Clothes

[E] I was won,
long be[Cm]-fore you came a[D]-round
[E] you nailed it in,
I won't de[Cm]-ny I felt that [D]hammer pound

[G] Its not the [C]way it [Am]started
[G] But that's the [C]way it [Am]goes
[G] I woke up [C]sick in my [Am]shoes and [Dm]clothes [Cm][F]

[E] Begged me to
Right be[Cm]-fore your yellow [D]grin
[E] I'm not so sure
I haven't [Cm]grown to lose my [D]taste for it

[G] If that's the [C]way you [Am]want it
[G] Hold on, [C]here it [Am]goes
[G] I woke up [C]sick in my [Am]shoes and [Dm]clothes [Cm][F]

[G] From the [D]mouth of a baby
came a [Am]warning [Em]light [G][D]
[G] Even [D]if we could be [Dm]everything
How [Cm]nothing [F]still would be [G]right

How to [D]read your future
in a [Am]warning [Em]light [G][D]
[G] Even [D]if we could be [Dm]everything
How [Cm]nothing [F]still would be [G]right

[Cm]Nothing [F]still would be [G]right
[Cm]Nothing [F]still would be [E]right

I was won,
even [Cm]though you were my [D]friend
[E]I don't believe
I have the [Cm]strength to go through [D]that again

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# This represents the author's own work and interpretation of the    #
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