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Artist: Patrick Watson
 Album: Close to Paradise
  Song: Luscious Life


Tabbed by: Antoine Poliquin-Beauregard

Chord sequence 1: D/A - A - C#m7/G#
Chord sequence 2: Dmaj7 - F#m7 - C#m7

Intro : CS1

Sweet oh luscious life
Celebrate your dreams when you are awake
Doesn't it taste so sweet?
Like it's growing on oh growing on the trees

             Growing on the trees

When you beg me up off the ground
I'll slowly turn you from a frown                       
Sweet oh luscious life

Bm - C#7 (3x)

My sweet oh luscious life

You taste so sweet
When you are so free
My sweet oh luscious life you taste so sweet to me
Hold time no need for the moment of the day
I celebrate I need I need today

(outro kind of messy..)

Was wondering of the day
To celebrate
To let it be
To feel so free
When you and me
In a sweet luscious life
For a minute of day
You taste so sweet