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Artist: Pants Yell!
 Album: Songs for Siblings
  Song: Onward, Sailboat 


Tabbed by: yelling pants


A#     Gmin
over, under
Dmin      F
rain and thunder
A#           Gmin
won't keep solid fisherman
      Dmin     F
from trying to stay under
  A#          Gmin
the waves for days
for weeks
for eventually
  A#          Gmin
the better part of your last year
Dmin     F
at some old school in delaware

this may take a while 
but please return our smile
you can run our hearts
corrupt the files
i can't
stop starring
this speech
i'm tearing
it's causing complications
and you're oh so daring

D#min              Dmin
but try to fool me one more time
D#min                A#
and i'll get back at you

(this section, slide from A# down to F and back)
even though my legs
aren't anecdotes for words
you wrote
for weekends at the cape
sailing on your father's boat
sailing on the sea of indescision
sweet mariners
sweet mariners
we've all gone fishing

verse chords
this tree
this lake
this wood
this mountain
won't clear up the sediment
collecting in the fountains
in the center of a town
next to a town
where you grew up
this state 
it's getting late
and the children can't relate
to things we speak of constantly
the boring cold monotomy
and all the things that come about
when you say you've forgotten me