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Artist: Page France
 Album: Hello, Dear Wind
  Song: Up


Tabbed by: Jeremy Latimer (jl89795 [at] salisbury [dot] edu)

Tuning: All strings down 1 step (low to high): DGCFAd 

 C*  C   Fmaj7 Gadd6 

C* C C* C 

C*                            C

I heard someone say they couldn't speak 

C*                                 C

And I heard someone hear they couldn't hear  

C*                              C

And I saw someone see they couldn't see me 

Fmaj7                         C

You see everything here

And I saw someone burning in the bushes 
And I saw someone shining like the sun 
And I saw all the angels circle 'round us 
Up here you see everyone

I saw you floating in a river 
With all the holes inside your boat 
You were swallowed up by alligators 
Up here I watched you float 


I heard someone saying I love you 
I saw a man shoot dead another man 
And of course a crowd of people joined around it  
I know no one understands