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Artist: Page France
 Album: Hello, Dear Wind
  Song: Dogs


Tabbed by: Jeremy Latimer (jeremydavidlatimer [at] gmail [dot] com)

Capo 4 

     F   C/G   E

Play the low F with your thumb. 

F   C/G  x4 

  F                  C/G           F                 C/G
I heard it's getting windy so I'll sit and watch you blow

       F               C/G
I will chain you to my boat

       F              C/G
I will carry you back home

    F             C/G                 F               C/G
And I won't say I love you 'cause it's all been said before

          F         C/G
Let's not say it anymore

            F                  C/G
'cause love nothing here's for sure 

F                  C/G      F
They treat us like dogs

           C/G              F
So we play along

               C/G          E
We bark and we moan

And play them more songs

                 C/G        F
But when we blow away

                    C/G     F
And get out of this place

                  C/G       E
We go down like a shower 

And up like a prince 

I heard it's getting windy and we'll all be blown away 
Did you tell me you're afraid? 
Darling, you look so afraid 
And I'm not sure what happens when everything here ends 
But I hope it's like they said 
And I hope it never ends 

They treat us like gold 
Dug up to be sold 
We shine and we shake 
Assuming our roles 
But when we blow away 
Up over this place 
We go down like a shout 
And up like a praise 

I know it's hard to see me darling 
Let your eyes adjust 
If you go blind just trust 
You are made out of my dust 
I was made out of your dust 
And the wind will carry us 
In the ocean's evening dust 
Up above the mountaintops 
He/You will have the both of us 
He will have the both of us 
He/You will have the both of us

Guitar 2 (Capo 4) 

                  x3                               x2

Guitar 3

(enter at second chorus) 

Plays same chords as guitar 1, heavily distorted 


Keyboard (04 Elec. Piano)

C4 = middle C 

(enter after chorus) 

G#5 F#5 E5    B4 C#5 E5  x4 

Keyboard part for Guitar (Capo 4)