Junkyard Tab

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Artist: Page France
 Album: Hello, Dear Wind
  Song: Junkyard

Tabbed by: Jeremy Latimer (jeremydavidlatimer [at] gmail [dot] com)

Capo 5

  C/G Fmaj7 G Am Em F E7

C/G x2 

C/G                            Fmaj7
You, me, and all the kings and queens
Buried in the junkyard 
C/G                               Fmaj7
And every time the herald Cherubs sing
We rattle with the car parts 
C/G                           Fmaj7
I was born to lie here patiently
Be dragged on the by the black star 
C/G                                Fmaj7
And you were told to glow majestically
And love until your hands bleed 
C/G    Fmaj7  x2 
C/G                             Fmaj7  
You stole your mother's whitest gown
Swallowed like a sunbeam 
C/G                               Fmaj7
And I stole your father's crusted crown
It shook us like a bad dream 
C/G                               Fmaj7
They were born to lie here patiently
Waiting for the big swing 
C/G                                   Fmaj7
But you were more than dressing for a feast
Eat until your teeth bleed 

G                 Am               Em
Oh my royalty, my hand goes out to you
         F         E7
You look painfully true
      Am      Em           Am      Em
But I saw you cry like you used to laugh
         F       E7              F       E7
When you looked around, Were you looking back
     Am     Em          Am        Em
At a lonely love, as to sprouting beans
         F        E7             F       E7
No one's quite as bloom, as they play to be 
        Am      Em           Am      Em
I would love to stay, but my work is through
        F      E7             F     E7
I'm the truest song, that was never true 

Am Em Am Em F E7 F E7 

Notes for Bell Set (start at words) 

A F A F Bb A F AA Bb A F x4 ^F

#----------------------------PLEASE NOTE-----------------------------#
# This represents the author's own work and interpretation of the    #
# song. To be used only for private study, scholarship, or research. #

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