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Artist: Olivia Tremor Control
 Album: Black Foliage: Animation Music Vol. 1
  Song: Hilltop Procession (Momentum Gaining)


Tabbed by: bong rouge

G                                                  C
Above the clouds and below the bark they're having parties
G                                             C
Beyond those roots find a tree house symphony there
G                                       C
Step lightly into my daydream after the yawning
G                                             C
Don't worry about what's on TV, it'll just be boring

A                        C
Mystified and unified we know
A                          F      E
Half-empty but positive we know
      A            D                        E
There are no explanations to the things you see (in your mystery)
   A             D                   E
So don't look to me to validate your dreams

     G            Eb
Your dreams, your dreams
     G            Eb
Your dreams, your dreams

| G | G | Eb | Eb | x2

G          D                Em  C
Hilltop procession momentum gaining
G        D                        Em    C
Take me away from this food chain link
G       D                 Em  C
Bauble among the bone and streams

| G | D | Em | C | ...