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Artist: Of Montreal
 Album: Satanic Panic in the Attic
  Song: Will You Come and Fetch Me?


Tab author: "Antoine Poliquin-Beauregard" (polisson2@gmail.com)

Bbm7b5 : x-1-2-1-2-x or 6-x-6-6-5-x


E     Am             E
I was gazing in your eyes
A            E     A              E
Seeing butterflies melting on the wall
Am                E
Strangest thing I saw
A             E    F#m           B
clever little guys wonderful surprise

C#m                             A    B   C#m7   C#7
Will you come and fetch me girl from the brink?
    Bbm7b5      C#m          A
I'm starting to kink and I'm too numb to think
        F#m                Bbm7b5
If this nightmare can't be stopped
   A       F#
Go out and hide me when I'm... 

VERSE 2 (same as verse 1)
...dropped, onto a bail of hay looking the other way
from noncoms in machines squeezing tangerines
emitting horrid cries wonderful surprise

Ending solo :
Gm - F - Gm - F - D, etc...