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Artist: Of Montreal
 Album: Satanic Panic in the Attic
  Song: My British Tour Diary

Tab author: "Antoine Poliquin-Beauregard" (


On our trip to England I noticed something obscene
People still actually give a shit about the Queen
       Bm                  E
Though London girls aren't snobs at all
    Bm                E
and Brighton's lovely in the Fall
Left alone to drive ourselves on the opposite side
Man it was a miracle that nobody died
Bm               E
Hanging out with Steven Drew, 
Bm             E
Theo, Paul and Sorrel too

C      F     C           F      A
Eating at Welcome Breaks daily
   C         F          C        F      A
We danced in Leeds with Brit Pop Haley

VERSE 2 (same chords as V1)
Performing with the Apples
and then crashing at the Wrights
Bitching because Steven booked us
on such early flights

Always in a foggy haze
because we hadn't slept for days
Every single one of our London cabbies played
The most truly repellent techno music ever made
But they'll drop you without hesitation 
if you try changing the station

CHORUS 2 (same chords as CHORUS 1) :
Up to our necks in crisps and litter
in the van we dubbed the Gary Glitter

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