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From: ukulaladotcom

This is a video for beginner ukulele players on how to play Holland, 1945 by Neutral Milk Hotel on the ukulele.

G, C, D
(for advanced third verse, add Am, G/B, and D7)

Chords and lyrics can be found at ukehunt:

For much more discussion, visit the ukulala post:

Video Breakdown
0:00 Intro and Tuning (GCEA)
0:13 Chords (Simple: G,C,D Advanced: G,C,D, G/B, D7, Am)
1:59 Strumming pattern (8 beat loop)
4:10 Part 1- Intro
4:33 Part 2- Verse 1
5:29 Example of Intro and Verse 1 w/lyrics
6:48 Part 3- Chorus
7:09 Part 4- Verse 2 (same chords/timing as verse 1)
7:25 Part 5- Chorus (same as first chorus)
7:36 Part 6- Verse 3 (has advanced version if you prefer)

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