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Artist: Neko Case
 Album: Blacklisted
  Song: Ghost Wiring


Tabbed by: justin@indieguitartabs.com

Intro: Fm Bb (2X)

      Fm Ab Bb Fm 

      Fm    Ab  Bb     Fm 
What happens at home since I've gone away

              Bb  Fm
Needles drop soft and sharp

        Bb  Fm 
And the leaves gently sway

         Fm        Ab        Bb  Fm 
Low ceiling moves in and circles the bay

Bb   Fm
Rain wakes the trees

Fm         Ab          Bb   Fm
Sound that's counted so many days

Bb    Fm
So many days 

Instrumental: Fm Ab Bb Fm

            Bb Fm 

Ab           C#
Wet shoes drag you off to school

Ab      C#
Shoes that never dry 

Fm Ab     Bb         Fm 
Crows curse and beat their wings

         Bb        Fm   
Why can't you be smarter girl

Bb          Fm
Lift up your face 

Ab              C# 
Don't feel sorry for yourself

Always wait for you 

Fm      Ab       Bb  Fm 
Your ghost is the lightshow at night

            Bb  Fm
On the grand Coulee Dam

Bb   Fm 
River is watching you

           Bb              Fm
At the drive in tonight

Bb                      Fm (hold until end)
Who will they comfort now 

Since I've gone away