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Artist: Neko Case
 Album: Middle Cyclone
  Song: Magpie to the Morning

Tabbed by: DanaG

Song is in 3/4.

For almost all of the song the chord progression is

F# (1 bar)  F#maj7/F (1 bar)  Bmaj7 (2 bars)

In the last part of the song ("They are waiting"), the chords are

G#m(add2) (4 bars)  Bmaj7 (4 bars)  F#

I play it with a capo at fret 4, so the main progression is

 D  Dmaj7/C#   Gmaj7
 2   2           2
 3   2 (or 3)    0
 2   2           0
 0   0           0
 x   4           2
 x   x           3

And the last part is

Em(add2)  Gmaj7  D

You can play around with picking pattern to accentuate the right notes.

For example, I'll usually avoid striking the major 7th in the
 first bar of the Gmaj7 chord. When I hit it in the second bar,
 it stands out more I think.

Also, if you want a little bit stronger sound, you can play the D
 rather than the C# on the second string when playing the
 Dmaj7/C# chord.

At the end I only hit the added 2nd in the first two bars of the
 Em(add2) chord, letting it ring out for the second two bars.

Magpie comes a-calling, drops a marble from the sky
Tin roof sounds alarm and wake up child
Let this be a warning, says the magpie to the morning
Don't let this fading summer pass you by
Don't let this fading summer pass you by

Black hands held so high, and the vulture wheels and dimes
Something on the thermals yanked his chain
He smelled your boring apex, rotting on the train tracks
He laughed under his breath because you thought that you could

Outrun sorrow, take your own advice
It's thunderin and lightnin gets you rain
You run an airtight mission, a Cousteau expedition
Find a diamond in the bottom of the drain
Diamond in the bottom of the drain

(capo 4)


spoken: And here I go

Mockingbird sing in the middle of the night
All his songs are stolen so he had
Stole them out from whippoorwills
Screamin car alarms
He sings 'em for you special
He knows you're afraid of the dark

Come on sorrow, take your own advice
Hide under the bed, turn out the light
Stars this night in the sky are real now
You can almost hear them sayin'

Close your eyes now kid
Close your eyes now kid
Morning's too foul lit

They are waiting
Waiting, they are waiting
#----------------------------PLEASE NOTE-----------------------------#
# This represents the author's own work and interpretation of the    #
# song. To be used only for private study, scholarship, or research. #

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