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From: ShinerNL

Download - My cover of Conversation 16 ( The National ). Bassguitar, vocals & (2x) electric guitar on this one. Chords down below in description. If you like this video, please subscribe/rate/comment...thanks ! Also have a look at my original songs and other covers. My other sites : http additional information : -CHORDS/TABS note: I play this song with a capo in 5th position, only covering the lowest 4 strings, leaving the high E and B open. Of course you can also cover all strings. The chords of the verse : Bm-D-Em-A The chords of the bridge : Bm-DG The chords of the chorus : D-Bm-F#mA TABS for chords noted as following: lowE-string/A/D/G/B/high-E , so x/0/2/2/2/0 is an A major (example). Counted from the Capo !! ( so you can also practise without or set capo higher/lower ) Bm 2/4/4/2/0/0 D 5/7/7/6/0/0 A 0/2/2/1/0/0 Em 7/9/9/7/0/0 F#mx/4/6/6/5/0 I hope this will be useful for the ones who need the tabs. - The electric guitar used, is a Epiphone Sheraton II - The bassguitar used, is a Fender Precision 50's Classic. - All audio was recorded on a Korg D888. 4 tracks in total for this song. - This video was shot with a Flip Ultra HD camera. Thank you for watching and listening. note : this is a cover. All music/lyrics © The National

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