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From: ShinerNL

Download - - Backingvocals by Vanessa , vocals & acoustic guitar by me - Anyone's Ghost ( original by The National ) - recorded live If you like this video, please subscribe/rate/comment...thanks ! Also have a look at my original songs and other covers. My websites : http additional information : The chords of the verse : Ebm-BG#m-Bbm The chords of the bridge : BG#m-Ebm-F# (x2) - G#m-Bbm-BC#m-Ebm-F# The chords of the chorus : G#mB-Ebm-F# TABS The way I play it here is like this. I only play on the 3 lowest strings ( 6th/low E, 5th A and 4th D ). I will write a quick tab like this : x/6/4 means ( don't play the E / 6th fret on the A-string / 4th fret on the D string ).....ok here comes the tabs : verse : x/6/4 7/6/x 4/6/x 6/4/x chorus: ( didn't wanna be... ) 7/6/x 4/6/xx/6/4 2/4/x ( I don't wanna anybody else.... )4/2/x 6/4/x 7/6/xx/4/2 x/6/4 x/9/8 ( I had a hole in the middle.... ) 4/2/x 7/6/xx/6/4 2/4/x Note : these are not official tabs...I figured it out by ear. Hope this helps :) - This video was shot with a Flip Ultra HD camera. Thank you for watching and listening. note : this is a cover. All music/lyrics (c) The National

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