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Artist: The National
 Album: Boxer
  Song: Racing Like a Pro


Tabbed by: Mike K

I use a capo on the 1st fret, I'm not sure how the band plays it.

The notes below are without a capo; capoing the 1st fret just
means you don't have to do some crazy acrobatics to hit
that Bb in the A string.

How I play these chords: 
Bb/A  5x333x
Am7/5 5357xx


Keep that up for the verse. For the chorus:

Bb   Bb/A    Gm
Your mind is racing like a pro now
Bb   Bb/A            Gm
Oh my God it doesn't mean a lot to you
Bb  Bb/A           Gm
One time you were a glowing young ruffian
Bb   Bb/A        
Oh my God it was a million years ago

For "you're dumbstruck, baby", play the intro, but without
repeating each pattern twice.