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Artist: Mr. David Viner
 Album: Among the Rumours and the Rye
  Song: Thorn In My Side


Tabbed by: Justin Burns


     D        C    Bm
I've taken it upon myself
   F              A7       D
to take back what once was mine
    D       C          A#
for I don't expect the thief
   G                       A7
to graciously return it in time

      C           A       D
And I always said I don't mind
    C           A           D
the burden of a thorn in my side

       D       C          Bm
You've been so unwell, so ill
          F         A7          D
and I feel that I'm somewhat to blame
      D           C           A#
for a horse never asked to be ridden up hill
   G                        A7
as much as he's asked to be maned

         C          A              D
And it's true these wounds heal in time
        C             A           D
but I'm pained from a thorn in my side

    D          C             Bm
St. Anne won't do what she's told
        F           A7       D
and I'm worried she may not survive
        D          C            A#
for the nights are increasingly cold
      G                   A7
she's becoming too ill to fight

      C      A            D
And I bow my head down to find
    C           A           D
the scar from a thorn in my side

       D            C          Bm
Now if silver could buy what I need,
          F           A7           D
well your father, yes i'd work for free
       D             C            A#         
but if gold could be bartered for blood and for wine
G                        A7
i'd ask your daughter to follow me.

           C      A         D
If it were only a matter of pride,
         C         A             D
then i'd pull this thorn from my side