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Artist: Mazarin
 Album: A Tall-Tale Storyline
  Song: Bend


Tabbed by: justin@indieguitartabs.com

Intro: E  B  D  A  C#m  G  F

E                   B
Taking stock at the end of the day
D                A
It's amazing I'm walking
C#m       G                   F#
Nevermind I'm not alive in my own mind

E                       B
String arrangements and never mistake
D                 A
it's important to be there
C#m               G                F#
it's important to hold out another long, long, long, long day

(E  C#m  A) x2

                   E                 A
Now that I've been living a terrible moment
              E                      A
till it takes another to kill it and move right forward
                  E    B
Leaves me feeling overdrawn
       D                    A
But to move on and want it so long

         E        B
Everbody needs to find when
   D                   A  B
to bend at the perfect time

( E  A )  ( E  A )  ( E  B  D  A ) 

repeat chorus 

E                  B      D   A   G#  F#
Tuesday morning it's almost overrrr