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Artist: Luke Temple
 Album: Hold a Match For a Gasoline World
  Song: In The End


Tabbed by: Antoine Poliquin

Capo on 4th fret.

Intro/Verse :
Am - C - F - C 
Fm - C - Gm - Dm - F (listen for the rhythm)

Verse 1:
There's a light in the window 
that reminds me of heaven 
And the love lightened glow on your face 
And It's cold here in Iceland 
And the drunks on the street 
tie chains onto misery's gates 
They do. 

Verse 2:
When I look at the clouds 
sometimes I see angels 
the wind just a breeze off their wings 
And I think of your feel 
and my mind starts a spinning 
with all of those possible things. 

         E7                    Am  Dadd9
Likes it does sometimes in the end dear. 
     Fmaj9             C
Your eyes have seen enough. 
    E7                                        Dadd9
the pinch of grief and its wounded thief won't steal your love. 
       Am  Dadd9
In the end dear 
           F               C
though the road was long and tough. 
    E7                Dadd9     /A
The light in you will shine above. 

Verse 3:
And all of us people 
we're pulling our wagons 
filled with our prizes and shames 
Sometimes mine is heavy 
to pull up this hill 
but I'll sit and I think just the same