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Artist: John Vanderslice
 Album: Pixel Revolt
  Song: Dead Slate Pacific


Tabbed by: flvinny521

Tuning: Standard, capo 2nd fret
All chord positions relative to capo

    Em7   C   G   D/F#?   Am   D   Dsus4   D5   Em

Em7                                 C
    At my low point, I went to a professional

Em7                                          C
    He asked me some questions, sent me to a doctor

          G                         D/F#               Am
There's a moment there, when you're under a doctor's care

When you're safe and hopeful

Em7                                  C
    Punched in the code, ran up the stairwell

Em7                                     C
    He asked more questions, gave me Celexa

            G            D/F#         Am            D
That's when I really knew, I really knew, I really knew

   C           Em               G
The only thing standing between me and that long rope

       C                     D   Dsus4   D5
over a carpenter's beam was you

Em7                  C

Em7                                C
    I went off the pills, bought my ticket

Em7                                   C
    I used to think there was nothing between us

Em7                                          C
    Just six thousand miles, the dead slate Pacific

            G                   D/F#            Am
But on that United flight, in a white-hot panic I

Sank to the bottom of the sea

Em7                      C
    Countless, horrible creatures

Em7                       C
    Complicated undersea secrets

                G                    D/F#                Am
If I didn't go diving there, with a speargun, knife and flare

How would I ever make it to?

                               C           Em
That's when I really knew the only thing standing between

G                      Am                  D   Dsus4 D5
me and that rope on a carpenter's beam was you