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Artist: Joanna Newsom
 Album: Have One On Me
  Song: On A Good Day


Tabbed by: Hunter MacDermut

Bb      Eb       F      Bb
Hey hey hey, the end is near
     Gm        Eb              Dm       Eb
On a good day, you can see the end from here
      Bb         Eb                   Gm     Eb
But I won't turn back now, though the way is clear
       Bb   Gm  Eb    F   Bb
I will stay for the remainder

I saw a life and I called it mine
I saw it drawn so sweet and fine
And I had begun to fill in all the lines
Right down to what we'd name her

Our nature does not change by will
In the winter 'round the ruined mill
The creek is lying, flat and still
It is water, though it's frozen

So 'cross the years and miles and through
On a good day you can feel my love for you
Will you leave me be so that we can stay true
To the path that you have chosen