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Artist: Herman Dune
 Album: Next Year In Zion
  Song: My Baby Is Afraid Of Sharks


Tabbed by: DinosaurJeepMan

 Main verse for bass:


 Chorus for bass:

D|----------------------------------|   x4

             (Verse 1)

My baby's scared of the dark.
             G#                         C#
She says the night is full of monsters. 
     A                                E
But when I press my body against hers.
  A                                     B
I kiss her goodnight and I count to four.
   A                            B          E
My baby's not scared of the dark any more.

My baby's afraid of fire.
          G#                                 C#
She see's visions of flames and intensities*.
     A                                  E
But when I call her name it makes her heart beat.
          A                                     B
She see's waves of water break'in onto the shore.
   A                    B             E
My baby doesn't fear no fire, no more.

My baby's scared of thunder.
                 G#                         C#
She hates it when there are storms at night.
           A                            E
But when I hold her in my arms real tight.
    A                      B   
She goes back to sleep and starts to snore.
   A                      B              E
My baby's not scared of thunder anymore.

                           A             B
And then she's like David**, Come here!
               E  D#           C#  B
and stay with me, for a minute.
A            B                E           D#     C# B 
Take away my fear and take me where it is quite!
      A           B         E D#            C# B
David, Come here.....and sing something easy.
A                   B                  E         
Whisper it in my ear, make my place a safe place.




                (Verse 2)

And my baby she's scared of strangers.

Because once she was hit with a baseball bat.

But when i'm with her in her flat.

She doesn't even bother putting a lock on the door.

My baby's not scared of strangers anymore.

And my baby, she doesn't like cars.

Because she thinks they're a nuisance in this town.

But when I drive her around.

She doesn't mind riding shotgun.

My baby thinks that driving......it's fun!

And my baby she's afraid of sharks.

She always thinks she saw a fin.

But when I tell her It's a dolphin!

She comes back swimming faster then an alligator!

My baby's not afraid of sharks anymore.

         (Chorus, But repeat the last sentence once)

*I'm not sure what he says here maybe intensities I don't know.

**His name is David so he says it in the song but you can use
  whatever name you like.